About me: Au sujet de… moi.

I’m Genevieve… a military wife, new(ish) mama, and free-thinking woman with varied artistic interests. My little family just left the comfort of our Pacific Northwest roots and moved to the American South.  I’m a rain boot-wearing, umbrella-shaming, scarf aficionado living in the humid, hot, alligator infested waters of the Florida panhandle.

Someone please rescue me.  

No really.

I spend my days being momma to one sweet, adorable, silly ray of sunshine named Claire. If I’m not chasing my toddler around, you can generally find me experimenting with interior design, baking French delights, and dreaming of our next travel adventure.

I’m also a self-diagnosed Francophile.  My fantasy is a brick and mortar café that is a gathering place for Parisian treats, friendly conversation and casual French lessons, all rolled into one idyllic (top secret) location. For now, my fantasy is portable. My virtual café is a place for you to grab yourself a hot cup of coffee and allow me to provide the conversation.

So, pull up a chair at my outdoor terrace, order a kir royale, soak in the Parisian springtime sun, and nibble on a macaron while I attempt to entertain you with tales from my ordinary life.