Monday poetry

A little about this poem I just wrote, before I share it…

Every time I see Claire follow me around the house, dragging her treasured “papie” (blankie) and her morning milk, my heart lurches with love.  This tiny human, so cozy in her footie pajamas, ready for snuggles in the morning, is mine.  She loves me, because I am her mama.  And it is the greatest gift of my life, motherhood.  Impossibly difficult, frustrating and demanding as it can be, being her mama is the single greatest honor of my life.  And it sounds dramatic and almost cliché to make such statements, but I really do think it every single day.

I originally wanted to write a Haiku.  My friend Kate writes the most beautiful Haikus and I thought that would be a lovely, short and sweet sentiment.  But as evidenced by all the writing I just did leading up to the debut of the short poem you’re about to read, I’m just too wordy for a strict syllable-driven poem.  I digress.


Mornings with Mama


Softest blankie, sippy cups

Your feet in jammies,

Don’t grow up/

Eyes expectant, I know what for

“Elmo,” snuggles,

You implore/

I scoop you up

And hold you tight.

And think, “I love you,” with all my might/

My greatest gift, the honor is mine.

To be your Mama for all of time.


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